Vision Rally – Western Middle TN Region

Bishop Paul Holt
Crossroads Church – District Meeting

Vision Rally number five is now history. Thanks to Bishop Gary Riley and the Crossroads Church for hosting us and District Bishop Mike Burton for pulling everything together and moderating. It was another full house and God’s Spirit was with us. I am encouraged by the excitement and enthusiasm across TN.

Barbara and I enjoyed meeting with the pastors and their spouses before the service. The fellowship was rich as Kathy Burton and her team offered beautifully prepared snacks for the pastors meeting and then the Crossroads Church fed everyone after service. It was wonderful!

Vision Rally six will be at the Lakemoore Church in Morristown TN next Sunday, November 12, at 6:00pm EST. Pastors are asked to arrive at 5:00pm.

A big thank you to all who have attended a Vision Rally so far. Your encouragement and support have made Barbara and I feel so welcome. #tnempowered

Bishop Paul Holt