Connecting TN COGOP churches to global, state & community outreach & mission opportunities & accomplishments. Encouraging all to “GO” share the gospel.

Connecting Tennessee COGOP congregations with next door & across the world mission opportunities.
Tennessee State Overseer, Bishop E.C. McKinley has continued to invite Tennessee to become a mission giving, mission aware, mission involved state.

Our hope is to realize each Tennessee church become a “GO” congregation. Whether down the street in their respective communities or across the world. A “GO” congregation is involved in “home” outreach opportunities, either those established in their area or birthed from inspiration & need.

We also encourage committed involvement in an international role through Global Missions. Both church & individual can become involved through a number of giving avenues:
Harvest Partners, Helping Hands, iMission and One Child Fund. Of course, the historic October World Mission Drive is a goal that most congregations work toward during the entire year.

Global Mission updates, testimonies, announcements and requests can also be found in The White Wing Messenger, an on-line or home delivery publication.

No matter the avenue you choose to get involved, remember the mandate of the word to every believer, you have been commissioned to “GO” into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. Matthew 16:15 NKJV

Michelle Brooks-Young
Director of Tennessee Missions
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