Child, Youth, and Worker Protection Policy

ProtectionPolicy-ENThe Church of God of Prophecy is firmly committed to providing a safe, loving environment for the children and youth attending our churches, youth camps, and all ministry venues. The children and youth among us must have an environment free of sexual or physical abuse, and any violation of their well-being by a paid minister or volunteer must not be tolerated.The Administrative Committee introduced a Child, Youth, and Worker Protection policy for the International Offices and for all levels of leadership in every church and ministry. The General Overseer’s office, International Youth Ministries and Children’s Ministries departments have assisted in the development and distribution of this policy which is available to all state/national/regional offices. This is not intended to be an optional policy for any level of leadership in the Church of God of Prophecy.

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Pray, Then Preach

PrayPreach-EN“Edward McKendree Bounds was born in Shelby County, Missouri, in 1835. When he was twenty-four years old he acknowledged his call to preach, and pastored churches in his denomination in Missouri, Tennessee and Alabama. Later he served as an editor of The Christian Advocate. His work was finished and he went home to be with the Lord, the One whose communion in prayer he had treasured so much, on August 24, 1913.

Although he wrote prolifically on a number of subjects, E. M. Bounds is best known for his books on prayer. The book, Power Through Prayer, from which the selections in this little booklet are taken, has been reprinted several times by different publishers, and has been published in a number of translations.

Because much of what is contained here is written to preachers, I have used as a title, Pray, Then Preach. My prayer is that as you read these messages they will inspire you to become a preacher who will be identifiable as one who has been with God.” – Bishop Billy D. Murray

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Why Church Membership Matters

The Church of God of Prophecy has always regarded church membership as vitally important, so it seems essential to offer an intentional method of informing and preparing individuals who are considering membership. Over the past several years some have seemed to diminish the importance of church membership. Perhaps this a reaction to some of the excesses of our earlier ecclesiology, or perhaps it is simply a sign of the times; we live in an age in which loyalty to any institution is hard to come by. While the rest of the world is seeking to avoid commitment and loyalty, we must continue to emphasize, from a biblical perspective, the need for belonging to, and actively participating in, God’s ordained institution on earth, His church. This brochure offers basic information for pastors to use with individuals who express interest in joining the church.

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Pastoral Resources


Deacons Application

Trial Deacon Process

Trial Deacon Quarterly Report



Lay Minister Application


Permission to Obtain a Background Check

Transfer of Membership

Authorization to Release Information Form


Local Church Endorsement

Ministry Application

Ministry ID Renewal Form


As with any other professional, there are certain competencies that each pastor should strive to meet.  To download these competencies, Click Competencies for Pastors