Hello Tennessee!!

I am so excited to share a Tennessee Mission Project that we are asking the entire state to adopt.

For the month of February, March and until April 15th, Tennessee has partnered with a church in Miami, Florida, with a goal of $13,000.00 to help purchase a portable Children’s Ministry building.

Through divine connection, we have learned that a Church of God of Prophecy congregation in the United States has no option but to use an outdoor tent for their children’s ministry church/classes.

Bishop McKinley has given his full support and blessing on this state side mission project with a goal of blessing this Miami congregation.

Below are a few photos of the current CM situation. Weather, safety and the usual distractions of meeting outdoors are all factors for a new facility.

On the day of these photos several kids were absent and because of safety reasons, all the 2 year olds were kept inside. We have a goal of $13,000 for a brand new portable for the CM church and classes.

This would be a huge blessing to Pastor Joshua & Aretha Caley, who also serve as the state of Florida Youth Directors.

Our hope is that everyone gets involved in the Miami Portable Project. Children, Youth, Missions, Women, Senior, Men and life groups.

All offerings for this should be mailed too:

TN State Office of Finance
c/o Londa Richardson
P O Box 1476
Cleveland, TN 37364-1476
RE: Miami Portable Project

Continue to stay up to date on our Tennessee Missions Connection Facebook page.

I am beyond grateful for every offering that TN has invested in global needs, however I believe we as a church organization miss the mark when we overlook the needs of our own country .

Tennessee can help!

Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can help in any way. Thank you so very much for your mission heart & passions.

No doubt we are experiencing our last days and our time to make a difference is short. We can make a greater Kingdom impact when we work together, all for HIS Glory!!

Love & Appreciate you!

Michelle Brooks-Young
Tennessee COGOP
Tennessee Missions Connection


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