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The Harvest is Waiting

by ecmckinley

Last month, our travel schedule was so heavy that we spent only a few nights at home.  That is not so unusual, but it seems the schedule is heavier than usual.  Tonight, I am writing from the seventh floor of a hotel in Nassau, Bahamas, with everything packed and ready to fly home tomorrow.  My […]

Maundy Thursday

by ecmckinley

As we move further into Easter week celebrations, Christians around the world celebrate Maunday Thursday.   Traditionally, this night has been one of remembrance of the servitude of our Lord, as he washed His disciples feet.  Did you know that not too many years ago, most of the congregations of the Church of God of […]

A Good Word of Encouragement from Sharon Farruggia

by ecmckinley

SHARED BY PERMISSION: “I found some old notes this morning, one to myself, “Never start a ministry unless you have become that ministry.” In other words, don’t throw towels at people, Sharon and tell them to serve unless you already are doing that! Don’t try to start a food ministry unless you have observed those […]


by ecmckinley

This past week I attended the CREATE conference in Cleveland, Tennessee.  This conference was organized by the Communications Department of the Church of God of Prophecy and hosted at the Peerless Road Church.  This conference focused on the CREATIVE ARTS and their potential use in the local church. While I do not consider myself an […]