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I am sending the following letter for your review, and consideration.  This is an opportunity for you or your church to extend your sphere of influence to another continent. 

I believe Kim has a heart for children, and she loves our Lord with all of her heart.  My wife and I are going to give the first $100 dollars to this project, and I hope many of you (or your church) will join us.  God bless.

E.C. McKinley



October 30, 2009

Dear Friend,

I have been given an awesome opportunity. In February 2010, I have been asked to teach in an International Institute of Children’s Ministry in Egypt. We will have the opportunity to train 120 Sunday School Teachers in Cairo and Assuit in two weeks. We feel we have challenges in the United States. They minister to hundreds of children each week with very limited space and resources. What an opportunity to be able to pour into them and lift them up! We will have a day in each area to minister to the children in Egypt. Egypt is 93% Muslim. I love the opportunity to share Jesus Christ with these children.

I am asking most importantly for your prayers. I need strength and health to ensure that I can have enough days to take off of work. I need wisdom as I prepare my lessons to ensure they are culturally relevant to reach the audience in which I am presenting. I need prayers of safety and health for the friends and family that I will be leaving in the United States. I need prayers that financially I can fund this endeavor.

I will need to raise $3000 to be able to participate in this International Institute. I will raise my own funds to be able to attend. I have faith that God would not have opened this door, if he did not have it all planned out. I know God will make a way.

I am relying on your prayers for this Institute.

As you pray, if God should put on your heart to assist me in participating in the International Institute in Egypt, I would greatly appreciate your support. Of course, your donation is tax deductible. You would make checks payable to Children’s Ministries and mail to address below. Please write Egyptian ICM on bottom of check. May God bless you!!


Kim Batson

125 Baggett Lane

Dickson, TN. 37055


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