Why am I here?

Do you realize that God has a purpose for your life? Yes, you! God loves you so much that He planned from the foundations of the world for you to live and for you to have purpose. Everyday you interact with people. Some of those people are family members, close friends and, yes, even complete strangers. One of the greatest lessons you will learn is that God has a plan for them too.

We do not exist in a vacuum, and as the old saying reminds us, “no man is an island unto himself.” Because of that, we have community. In the Christian faith, this community is demonstrated by the visible church, gathering together and working with one another to see the coming of God’s Kingdom. Does it not make good sense that this community also has a purpose?
This purpose was given in the final words of Christ to the church before His ascension. Recorded in Matthew 28, some have termed this the “great commission.”
It is my considered opinion that we should look at it this way; “His Last Command is Our First Concern.” Yes, this is what we are about, and like anything else in life, the better organized this community called “the church” is, the great our impact will be.
There are multiple points to this great “commission” that I would like to point out here:
1. Go
2. Teach
3. Baptize
In subsequent posts, I will share with you the vision that has been planted in the hearts of the leadership of the Church of God of Prophecy, and how we see these core values find their way into the everyday life of the churches. I invite you to join me in this journey.

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