Where do I start?

Almost 30-years-ago I was appointed to serve at my firsts pastoral assignment.  I had been mentored by a wonderful Senior Pastor, Bishop William L. Gaddis, who is still serving at that same local church.  It was a very small church that had gone through a church split and if looking at it with the natural eye, one might have little hope for it’s success.  However, the Lord intervened and we witnessed His hand at work for the next four years.

When I arrived there, I really didn’t know where to start, but soon learned that the prayer closet was the best place.  When we spend time in prayer, it doesn’t change God, but it DOES change us.  As we begin the process of walking through the CORE VALUES of the Church of God of Prophecy, I encourage you to set aside a certain time each day to commune with the Lord.  Remember, the minister who does not talk with God cannot expect to walk with Him.

Next we will start through the process of completing a SWOT (pronounced the same as SWAT) analysis to gauge the health of your church.  I hope you will check back regularly as we walk through the process.

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