March, 2010

Greetings to my Fellow Laborers in the Kingdom of God!

I am sure that each of you are engaged in the great cause of Jesus Christ. It is a honor to be able to serve the Lord through the sharing of the Gospel message. It is a blessing to see the lives of individuals impacted and transformed through the power of the Spirit and the power of the Word. I have been and I continue to pray for you, your area of service and for revival fire to sweep across our nation. I firmly believe that God is doing a good work in the hearts of His people and I desire to be able to submit to His will and direction.

Once again I am writing for your assistance in recruiting volunteers to serve the International Assembly. I have the honor to serve the International Assembly as the Director of Ushers/Security. We are in need of servants, both men and women. who are willing to offer their time, talents, and abilities in service to the delegates of the upcoming Assembly. I can understand the sacrifice that this service requires but I also recognize the reward of serving God and assisting His people. We are in special need of assistance during the evening services; the offering time requires a large group of volunteers.
Once the offering is completed, many of you will be released to return to sit with your family or friends. Hopefully many of you will respond to this call for help and offer your assistance to the delegates that will be assembled from around the world.

Feel free to contact me if your are willing to serve or if you have any additional questions. My email address is

My phone number is 502-962-8964. You can locate the Usher/Security Booth at the VU Lounge (Restaurant area).

I thank you for your willingness to consider the need that the Assembly has and I thank you for your willingness to consider serving your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Michael Willingham

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