Those Priceless Moments

Every once in a while there are one of those photos you just have to share with your friends. This photo was taken by my son at a local restaurant in Cleveland, Tennessee following the morning services.

On the right is Elva Howard, our General Overseer’s mother, and one of the most loved and respected seniors in our church. For years we were thrilled by the preaching of Sister Howard and the missions programs she would head up at the General Assembly. Every time we would go to hear her preach, there was standing room only in the big tabernacle on Keith Street.

The little one on the left is our first grandchild Reagan. She is obviously paying close attention to Sister Howard’s story, much like Shaun did as a small child.

This is a priceless moment that I am happy someone took the time to record.

God bless you Sister Howard and thanks for taking time with our little one.

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