Tennessee Pastoral Intentions


May 31, 2011

Dear Tennessee Pastor,

I am so thankful the Lord has allowed me to serve you for the past seven years. Debra and I have counted it an extreme privilege and honor to be with you.

Some-time-back I wrote to all Tennessee Pastors requesting their feelings concerning their present appointment. Some have indicated a need for a change and some have indicated their desire to stay.

The deadline for your feelings was to be by June 1, 2011 IN WRITING to me at a special email address or by U.S. Postal mail.

I have heard from most of you, however, it seems we always have some who wait until the last minute to submit such requests. I understand that there can be emergencies or at times a lack of clear conviction that might hinder your response, however, in that I am faced with multiple changes this year, it is imperative that I hear from you immediately.

I do not want anyone inadvertently changed due to a lack of response. Again, I requested this to be IN WRITING.

Thanks so much for you help.

E.C. McKinley

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