Stewardship Ministries Transition

Stewardship Ministries Transition
The Stewardship Ministries/Ministerial Services Director will no longer be an appointed position, nor a stand alone department effective September 1, 2012. However, stewardship will continue at all levels in the Church of God of Prophecy. The General Presbyters will fervently be modeling, promoting, and teaching stewardship. The Caribbean General Presbyter has already made stewardship one of the core values in his area.

The Center for Biblical Leadership team will be teaching stewardship to pastors and leaders in the forty nine scheduled Schools of Practical Arts and Science.

Much seed has been sown in stewardship over the last fifteen years. This seed fell on good ground and will produce a many-fold return.

The 403(b) Retirement Plan will continue as well. The American Funds are outpacing the market and are proven sound investments for long term perspectives such as retirement funds. Our Agent of Record is Kelly Miller. She is a properly credentialed financial consultant with years of experience in guiding people through good and bad financial times. Kelly can be reached at 800.477.2344 or 770.319.1700. Her email address is

Kelly has always proven to be very helpful. She has participated in numerous General Assemblies by making her expertise available at the Stewardship Ministries Booth. I encourage you to make use of her skills and knowledge. There is no separate charge for her services.

The 403(b) Retirement Plan is a win, win situation—no Income or Social Security Tax on the minister’s contribution. Taxes on withdrawals taken after age 59 ½ can be offset as housing allowance. American Funds are out-performing the market. Retirement has its own challenges, but being prepared financially eases the transition. It is a scriptural principle to save during the fat years for the lean years.

Direct your 403(b) operational questions to Chief Accountant, Paulette Wilbanks at 423.559.5113. Paulette is knowledgeable on tax issues as well.

Stewardship questions should be directed to the Financial Director, Bishop Paul Holt.

This has been a fulfilling, blessed fifteen years for Milton and me. We are very grateful for the opportunity to have moved from the business world to ministry, where our work has eternal significance.

Jan Couch
Stewardship Ministries/Ministerial Services Director

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