SOPAS First Term ends

From Wednesday through Saturday this week, I have been participating in the School of Practical and Advanced Studies at the Alabama Campground located in Green Pond, Alabama.

I have been accompanied by our pastor at Lebanon, Bishop Richard Neal, (former District Presbyter) and Bishop Robbie Wier (Abundant Grace-Memphis) and Bishop Clayton Mahan (Ridgely). Bishops Wier and Mahan also serve as District Presbyters in our state.

This has been a rich time of development and studies. We’ve been blessed to sit under the direction of Bishop Mark Menke, who taught the class on Pastoral Leadership Development, and Bishop Adrian Varlack taught Ecclesial Identity and the closing classes were taught by Bishop Dr. Hector Ortiz on the subject of Theology of a Movement.

Since this SOPAS was conducted in Alabama, all but the four of us are ministers and leaders in the state of Alabama.

A part of the reason for this trip was to participate in this new paradigm of education in the Church of God of Prophecy, and review the format in anticipation of our SOPAS to be conducted as Camp Hickory Hills, in Dickson, Tennessee. The date for our upcoming SOPAS is:

February 23-26, 2011

I know that this is during the week, so I challenge all of the Tennessee pastors and leaders to make plans now to attend and be blessed.

It is our firm commitment to see the core values of PRAYER, HARVEST and LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT implemented in the State of Tennessee.

We are raising up the next generation of leadership to carry this church to her God-intended destination

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