Simulcast success

Last night, i was privileged to participate in a prayer service to conclude the 21 Days of Seeking the Lord. This event held in Cleveland, Tennessee was broadcast on the internet, and there were 30 nations and 44 states in North America participating. The registered participants were 4,400 however, during the simulcast more people were logging on and joining in the service.

Today, I shared with some of the members of the church in Cleveland that while this was a prayer event, I felt it had more to do with connectedness as anything else. To recognize that we are part of a much larger church than what we see on a daily basis is a real joy.

Thanks to everyone who had a part in this telecast, but mostly I am thankful to my son Shaun (it’s okay if dad brags here) who serves as the International Communications Director and Administrative Liaison to the General Overseer for his hard work and for pulling a team around him to make it happen.

Thanks to all who participated, I am convinced there will be more of these type events in the future…but for those of you participating last night, remember, you helped make history. God bless

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