Retiring Ministers

Just a few-weeks-ago at the 2011 Tennessee State Convention, we honored six of our ministers who made the decision to retire from pastoral ministry. 

I am taking the opportunity to mention each by name, as another way of honoring their service to our churches.

Bishop C.C. Winchester has served the church in many ways over the time of his ministry, most notably as a State Overseer and then as a pastor.

Bishop Richard A. Neal, Sr. has served as a pastor, District Presbyter and campground manager and coordinator.  He continues to serve as a State Trustee for the Church of God of Prophecy and will be assisting with further implementation of our mentoring program in Tennessee.

Bishop Richard Lovvorn has served as a pastor in Tennessee, and before that as a deacon in the local church. 

Bishop Vernon Caruthers has served as a pastor in Tennessee, most recently at the Campaign church.

Bishop Lamar Dotson has served mostly in the Manchester area of Tennessee.

Bishop James Huff has served as a District Presbyter and as a pastor in Tennessee.

All of these men are greatly respected and loved by their peers and former local churches.

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