Remember the smallest things are the most important

Yesterday, Debra and I visited with Bishop Allen and Mildred Davis at their home in Cleveland, Tennessee. Sister Mildred had just been released from the hospital after undergoing surgery. It was a real pleasure to visit with them, but also to be able to sit with people who have been such a positive influence in the Church of God of Prophecy around the world.

While Bishop Davis has his moments of confusion, it is still obvious that he is in love with the Lord, and with people too. He constantly reminds us of the single-mindedness that should be our constant focus, and that we are in the PEOPLE business. Seemingly every thought expressed by Bishop Davis related to someone else’s need, about prayer, about visiting, about ministering. I was humbled to be in the home of these servants of God.

I must admit, I was somewhat convicted after I left his home, and realize that something has been lost among many of us who are in the ministry today. While I find myself constantly trying to measure the work we are doing, and looking for ways that will help our pastors and ministers grow spiritually, I recognize it is all too easy to forget the small things of ministry that are so important.

I can’t quite imagine how we can be successful in what we do if we don’t remember where we’ve come from, and how important the small, seemingly insignificant touches in people’s lives we make. A handshake, a hug, a kind word, a short prayer at the side of a saint of God, the thirty minutes out of our day will yield eternal results…not just for those whom we minister to that can offer nothing in return, but also to their families around them struggling with the right decisions they must make.

If the church is anything, it is about connectedness…it is about “no man being an island unto himself;” it is about the understanding that we NEED each other.

I found myself repenting all afternoon for the obvious things I’ve missed, and sleep did not come easy last night as I not only went to bed with this on my mind, but also when I was awakened this morning by a grandchild who is just starting her life.

Life is too short to be caught up with so much busy-ness that we don’t take time for each other. God forgive me, God help me, God use me is my prayer today.

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