Pursuing His Spirit Simulcast Prayer Event


As you may have heard, we will be hosting a “Pursuing His Spirit” Simulcast Prayer Event on the evening of the 21st.  With just one promotion, we have 80 host sites in 8 nations, with nearly 1500 estimated to attend.  Surely this number will grow as we draw closer to the event and continue to promote it.

The live service will be simulcast from the Peerless Road Church and will feature directed prayer segments throughout the evening mixed with worship segments from a variety of churches. 

We are asking our Cleveland and Chattanooga area churches to help promote this event and asking each pastor to encourage their congregation to attend.  This is the first time we have ever attempted this type of gathering, and would love to have a large attendance at the live venue.  This will of course be dependent on the participation of our local churches. 

If you would like to become one of the host sites, go to: www.cogop.org to sign up.

I would love to see all areas of Tennessee participate in this event, and to all of our friends from around the world who read our blog, this invitation is for you as well.

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