Prayer for King Family

Yesterday Debra and I traveled to Columbia, Tennessee (where we serve 8 years as senior pastor) to visit the long-time clerk and treasurer, Sister Earlene King. While she has been quite ill for some time, she is now more critical than any time that I have been aware of. This coming Sunday will be her 70th birthday and she has served that local church for almost 40 years. She is a faithful, loving, kind woman who loves the Lord and has always been very supportive of her pastor.

Her husband, Billy Ray King was ordained as a deacon while I was the pastor there and has served the church faithfully as well…in fact, he served long before the official appointment as a deacon. Some of you may remember that I singled them out at the 2009 Tennessee State Convention during the ordination sermon.

The local pastor, Charles Thornburg was there yesterday and has been a constant presence during this difficult time in their life…I know they appreciate that, and I know that he is modeling what a good pastor should be.

I know that a lot of you read this blog on a daily basis and I am writing today to ask you to pray for them and the rest of their family. I am thankful that I can count on you at a special time like this, and I thank you in advance for praying for my dear friends.

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