POWERHouse 2011

On November 18th, close to 350 youth and youth workers arrived at Camp Hickory Hills for POWERHouse. This years challenge was SaltLight.

Friday night’s opening service focused on the challenge to be catalysts for revival and how God had created us for such a time as this. In particular, focus was given to the call to repentance spoken by the LORD through the prophet Joel (Joel 2: 12-17). We were reminded to “Return to the LORD with all your heart”, “Rend your heart and not your garments”, “declare a holy fast” and for the leaders to call out to the LORD to “Spare your people”. A final challenge was give to be the church that added thousands to the church daily.

Saturday opened with classes focusing on being the kind of church Christ can use. Classes covered our response to current events (David Brown), our Identity in Christ (Jay Johnson) and Holiness (Lindsey McKinley). Jason Dasher brought the message challenging the youth to be the Salt and Light of the world. His sermon focused on reaching out to the world around you, but also being a person that impacts the entire world. Asking the question, “How can we make this world a better place?” After the message, instead of focusing on the traditional altar call, the youth were divided up into POWERGroups to discuss how they can impact their world and for a time to pray with each student about issues in their own lives.

Saturday night closed out with a concert by Knoxville band OnTheBrightSide. They not only rocked the house, they lead the students in worship and the lead singer preached on Christ impacting our lives.

Sunday morning capped off the themed weekend with a powerful message brought by Sharron Farruggia. She focused on how the Holy Spirit can change our lives. Sharon also called for the youth to live of life in the Spirit of Excellence, which is the Spirit of Christ, in all they say and do. She closed with a time of prayer for those students feeling the call of Christ on their lives. Youth leaders anointed and prayed with each one and provided them time at the altar to seek the face of God.

Sunday’s session closed with Bishop McKinley leading the students and youth leaders in a time of reflection and communion. The students then left with the closing blessing and challenge to go and be the salt and light.

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