News I’m Happy To Share – Curtis Hill, Tennessee

I received this message concerning our church at Curtis Hill. I am so proud of the Youth group there. I am sharing it with the permission of the writer.:

“Just wanted you to know how proud we at Curtis Hill COGOP are of our youth. When they heard about the earthquake in Haiti and about the orphanage they all got together and decided to try to raise money.

Well, guess what they did!!!!

They set a goal of $200.00 and by the end of the month of Feb they had raised over $700.00. They surpassed their goal and we are so very proud of them…I just wanted you to know how awesomely proud that I am of them.

They worked really hard cooking breakfast on Sunday before church and then thay cooked and served everyone lunch another Sunday, and they even cleaned up afterwards.

They sold treats to anyone that wanted them and also accepted donations. In other words our kids worked very hard for a very good cause.

Sorry my message is so long but I just had to let you know how I feel about our kids at Curtis Hill.

May God richly Bless Evertyone!!!!!!!!

He has certainly blessed us here with a great church family.

One of the proud youth leaders,

Linda Moore”

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