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Greetings! What a great day in the Lord!

Waverly Church of God of Prophecy was blessed to have the men residents and some of their family members from the Hope Counseling Center for Sunday services. We thank the Lord for 65 in attendance. There were approximately 35 from the Hope Center and 30 Waverly folks along with some of their families and visitors.

A highlight of the morning service were the testimonies of Garrett (sorry I don’t have the last names) and Brian. Garrett spoke to us of his time in doing drugs over several years and then overdosing. He was pronounced dead at the emergency room with no pulse for several minutes. He shared of wandering around in a dark area with no one there and coming up to what he described as the gates of Hell. He testified that God brought him back from death and hell and gave him another chance. Garrett brought his mother and aunt to the stage. There was a time of hugging and congratulations as he told how Christ has changed him and he now wants to serve the Lord.

Brian testified of how the Lord brought him out of drugs and has given him another chance. He told of being involved in using meth and also making meth. He also told of how God has changed him since being at the Hope Counseling Center. He also brought his daughters and mother to the stage for a time hugging and congratulations. We also sang happy birthday to Brian and his mother who had or will have birthdays during this week of April.

The residents of the Hope Center go through Christian counseling and are required to follow a guided regiment while there. The residents attend churches in the area who invite them and some of them share their testimony. The residents are encouraged to find a church to attend and minister in after they exit and/or leave the Hope Center. We were honored to have them visit and our people also prepared a meal for them and all our visitors.

It is my understanding, that the recovery rate for alcohol and drug residents over the whole US population is approximately 30% for all counseling centers. The Hope Center’s recovery rate is 58%. The basic thrust of their program is Christ, the Bible and Church.

We thank the Lord for the opportunity to reach out in our community through the Hope Center ministry. David Stephenson connected with the Hope Center and invited them to attend. We thank the Lord for the our people who worked diligently to serve an awesome meal to this number of people.

God delivers! God heals! God saves! “Thanks be unto God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ! To God be all the glory!

God bless. . . .Milton Gordon

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