He Makes Beautiful Things

A few-months-ago, I conducted a series of revival meetings services at the Keith Street Ministries church in Cleveland, Tennessee. I was blessed so much by the congregation, by the friends of the local church, and those who attended from other churches. However, there was something that I learned while there that I haven’t forgotten.

Josh and Missy Dasher and the worship team there sang a song called Beautiful Things during a portion of the service that really caught my attention. In fact, you might say it “flipped a DNA switch” in me that I didn’t realize was there. The song has become one that I listen to during difficult times, especially in sad times. If is from a group called GONGOR that is based in the Pacific Northwest. I LOVE THIS SONG…and if you are having a difficult time, I hope it will minister to you just as it has to me. I love all of you:

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