Happy New Year

From the State office of the Church of God of Prophecy in Tennessee, we hope and pray that this new year will be the best you’ve ever known. As I began to think about this post, I thought about the things that I hope for you:

1. May your life be filled with Peace that only God can give.
2. May you make new friends who will become “life-long” friends.
3. May your family know peace and love.
4. May your friends and family who are not followers of the Lord Jesus accept Him.
5. May all of your physical needs be met according to His riches in heaven.
6. May your foot not stray from the path of righteousness
7. May joy be your constant companion
8. May the Lord bring peace to our nation
9. May your experience with Him deepen as never before.

This are only the few things that entered my mind as I thought of each one of you.


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