Haiti Update from Connections

Temporary Building for Orphans Delivered

The team of brothers from the Dominican Republic delivered the pre-fab building to the site where the children from the orphanage have been relocated. Things got a bit tricky since the tractor trailer with the container could not be taken directly to the plot of land because the streets are so narrow. They had to unload the building and transport it to the construction site. Leveling the ground also took more time and work than they expected but the building frame is up. When the structure is complete it will have 6 rooms, 2 bathrooms and a kitchen. The work should be done so the children can move into the house by the end of this week. This house will be the children’s temporary home for about a year, while plans are made for rebuilding.

Children Receive Nourishing Supplies

The shipment from the Dominican Republic also included water, food, and other basic supplies for the children. Pastor Pierre Richard, Orphanage Administrator, reportedly indicated that these supplies will last them about two months. The physical condition of the children is better and they seem to be recuperating well. A church service was organized at the camp for the children, which I am sure provided emotional and spiritual comfort to them. The plot of land will need to be secured with some type of wall and another temporary building put up to house the adult workers. The land has a well but a water filtration system will be needed along with either a generator or solar panels to provide electricity.

Medical Team Arriving

The National Overseer of the Dominican Republic, Bishop Jorge Marrero, traveled into Haiti today, accompanied by two doctors and a nurse. They are also transporting medical supplies. They plan to examine the children and provide medical care.

The Church of God of Prophecy is Responding

One small church in Texas had a hamburger lunch after their Sunday morning service, with people paying $50 for a hamburger for Haiti. They raised $2,000 for Haiti. A member wrote from Jamaica with the news that they were contributing personally and the nation had sent a medical team and other volunteers. The phones are the International Office are ringing constantly as people call volunteering to join a work team, send a donation, inquire about how to help further. This will be a long term effort and we appreciate everything that is being done for the precious people of Haiti.

Prayer Points

Those who are providing aid to the Haitian people are facing physical and emotional challenges.

Pray for strength.

Many people have still not received supplies due to the backlog, bureaucracy, and transportation challenges. Pray for breakthroughs and coordination of efforts.

Pray for Bishop Dorlean, the pastors, district overseers and other leaders in Haiti.

They need much undergirding as many are dealing with personal losses and they need to be strong to encourage the people.

Pray for the light of God’s redeeming love to shine to Haitians, foreign aid workers, government leaders, and others who do not know Jesus Christ.

Pray for the children of our orphanage and all the children of Haiti who have lost parents.

Pray for the safe completion of the housing for our children.

Donations can be made by going to the International Office website, www.cogop.org and also through our standard procedures. Individuals may contribute through our Helping Hand Ministry and local churches through Harvest Partners [Level Two] Ministry.

Please designate your financial contribution for Haiti – Disaster Relief – 2010 Earthquake.

Note that all gifts are tax deductible and 100% of your gift is applied to the need you specify.

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