Haiti update from Bishop McCaleb

Hello Everyone,

Once again, I am happy to report an excellent mission trip to Haiti. I was accompanied by a group from the Cleveland, TN community (Gary and Pat Fuller, Dr. Jerry DeVane) one man from Indiana (Donny Garst), and one teenager from Washington State (Joshua Deare). One lady from Germany (Barbel Steffen) who was already there.

Our main focus as a group was the orphanage, although I also visited several of the ongoing projects to check on their progress and status. While at the orphanage, I built a very large security gate that brought the orphanage wall to completion. Gary Fuller built shelves and cabinets and did other carpenter tasks. Dr. Jerry DeVane, who majored as an undergraduate in electrical engineering, did extensive work in wiring and plumbing. He also attended to the medical needs of the children and the community. Pat assisted all of us in various tasks and cooked wonderful meals. She also attended to the various needs of the children and staff. Donny Garst (from Indiana) worked with Jerry doing electrical and plumbing improvements, and Josh (Pat’s nephew) worked with Gary and did whatever was asked of him.

I was very excited to visit he church at Dufort which we began in January and it is almost complete. Four other projects continue to make progress and will soon be ready for roofs. In April, I have eight going with me from Gary Smith’s church which is located in Maryland, and it is my plan to work on two of these projects. I am in need of some workers for the other two roofs which I hope to do May 14-21.

I have set some of the dates for next year and I already getting a good response. If interested in participating in a life changing trip, please contact me!

September 10-17
November 5-12
December 3-8 Xmas party at the orphanage/visit projects/non-construction. Gives a chance to those not able to work to visit Haiti.
January 7-21 (I will be there two weeks)
February 25-March 3


Tim McCaleb

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