Haiti Update (1/15/2010)

Information from Global Outreach Director, Bishop David Bryan

We have received information from a Haitian pastor in Key West, Florida who was able to connect by email with our orphanage administrator.

We are thankful that Bishop Dorlean, our national overseer, is safe. However, this tragedy has struck the orphanage. Five of the children have died, along with two employees.

Evidently, the orphanage has sustained serious damage and four of the remaining children are trapped under the rubble and it is feared that they will die, unless they are rescued. Brother Dorlean took two severely wounded children to seek medical care.

The other sixty-eight children, along with Brother Mirand, the administrator, his wife and three children are all on the street with no shelter, food or clothing.
Brother Mirand also mentioned that in one district of 11 churches, nine were completely destroyed and the other two sustained serious damage.

Obviously, the scale of this catastrophe defies full comprehension. We are continuing to seek information directly from Bishop Dorlean and will pass along information as we receive it. This suffering drives us to our knees. Seek the Lord and call on his

Beseeching the Lord for Haiti,

David Bryan
Director, Global Outreach Ministries

As with any disaster of this magnitude, your financial gifts are deeply appreciated to help assist our Church people in this grave time of need. You can contribute online through our Church website: www.cogop.org and also, through our standard procedures of the International Offices. Individuals may contribute through our Helping Hand Ministry and local churches through Harvest Partners [Level Two] Ministry. Please designate your financial contribution for this need as follows:

Haiti-Disaster Relief-2010 Earthquake
Note that all gifts are tax deductible and 100% of your gift is applied to the need you specify.

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