Haiti Trips – A message from Tim McCaleb


August 10, 2010

Dear Friends of Haiti,

We had a great Assembly and I met many wonderful people who are interested in helping rebuild our churches and orphanage in Haiti. In fact, I am receiving calls almost daily from those wanting to go on a work trip.

Following is a current list for upcoming work trips. Please note that due to increased interest, I am adding a second opportunity in January.

September 18-25

November 6-13

January 8-15

January 15-22

February 26- March 5

April 2-9

May 14-21

In addition, Ted Cooper, Bob Vital-Herne, and I are traveling to Haiti this Saturday (August 14 -20) to purchase tools and supplies and to take care of any other necessary business. We will also be selecting our first project for September and will be visiting the orphanage property. Please pray that while on this trip, we will be able to accomplish all that is needed.

A total of six men have committed for the September trip, but two or three more additions would be ideal. Workers are still needed for the November and February trips. Please be in prayer about these times.

If you are planning on going on a work trip to Haiti, please email the date you wish to go even if you have talked to me personally.



Tim McCaleb

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