Great News From Empowered Ministries – Dickson, TN

The following is an email I received from Pastor Mike Jennette. I am sharing with all of you with his permission:

Hello Bro. McKinley,
We had a great Community Revival @ Empowered Nov. 22-24. Three different ministers and two different worship teams ministered to our congregation and our community. Many people received healings and a deeper call to follow Christ. The ministers were Bro. Reggie Ward – Methodist, Bro. JB Smith – Dickson Jail Chaplin, and Bro. John Weaver – Missionary to Afgahnistan. The worship teams were the Union Choir and Oak Grove FWB Church. It was a great feeling of unity coming together from different fellowships. We are trying to win our city for Christ. Thanks to our District Presbyter, Bishop Gary Riley for attending. We had a packed house each night.
In Christ,

Pastor Mike JennetteEmpowered Ministries Church1415 Hwy. 70 EastDickson, TN

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