Fields of the Wood Visit

Fields of the Wood 2012

Today, a large part of the International Administrative Committee/Corporate Board of Directors met at the Fields of the Wood near Murphy, North Carolina.  It was a beautiful day for the drive through the scenic winding roads.  When we arrived there we received a warm welcome from the staff and took the opportunity to look at many of the improvements, most notably the upgrade to the bookstore and cafe.  There is still much to be done to bring the park up to date, but that would require cash infusions into the budget.

At the base of Ten Commandment mountain, I remembered the story my mother told me about accepting her call into the ministry, and a reaffirmation of my father’s call to preach the Gospel.  They labored in small churches and sacrificed much to fulfill the call.  As I was sharing, Bishop Howard, our General Overseer talked about the fruit of their ministry.  While they weren’t well known, the children and grandchildren are working in the Church of God of Prophecy, carrying on a legacy of faithfulness to the work of the Lord.

If you might be interested in how to support Fields of the Wood,  Heritage Ministries memberships are only $20 a year and donations are always accepted. 

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