Day Sixteen of Seeking

I believe in evangelism. It all begins with the Great Commission Jesus gave to the church. You may read this commission in Matthew 28:18-20) and understand that at the heart of everything Jesus taught and did was to reach a world of men, women, boys and girls who are separated from God.

We are separated from God because of sin, but we are restored by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, through His substitutionary death on the cross. For two-thousand-years God has always had a people who would remind the world of the payment for our sins. Yes, there were high times of revival, but there were also low times when entire nations turned their back of the Creator of everything. Whether high times or low times, these dedicated men and women shared the message of hope and the message of life; that God loves us so much. (John 3:16)

As we continue our Days of Seeking we remind ourselves not only of the great price paid for the sins of the world, but also the need for people to take up the cause and share the message of life. This is done in a multitude of ways. Yes, world missions is important, but we must remember the neighbor next door to us and down the street. The man or woman we work with every day, and yes, the stranger who crosses our path.

Remember…our reason for existence is to glorify God and enjoy His Presence, but also to make sure everyone hears the Gospel. In Day Sixteen…let us ask the Lord to bring someone across our path today and help us to have the grace to share the truth with them.

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