Correspondence for TN SOPAS


Dear Friends,

I trust this email finds you doing well and enjoying the Lord’s blessings in your life today.

We are excited about the First Term of the School of Practical and Advances Studies scheduled for February 23-25, 2011 at Camp Hickory Hills campground near Dickson, Tennessee. As we near the date, I will continue to send information your way that will be helpful in your planning for the school. By now, you should have received two files by way of email that are required reading for the coursework, I trust you will have time to read through these files before arriving at the campground. When I attended the SOPAS training event in Alabama there were many who had not read the documents and stayed up late (and missed some fellowship) to complete the assignment. If you have any difficulty opening these files, please let me know at this email address and I can send them in whatever format necessary.

The staff assembled for this SOPAS is a great one and I know you will be blessed by their anointed presentations. Bishops Menke, Varlack and Ortiz are well-qualified leaders in our church who have proved their faithfulness and are an inspiration to people around the world. An added treat will be a presentation by Bishop S. Paul Holt our International Finance Director. Bishop Holt will be sharing a presentation on the ARKS study group report that many of you are now familiar with.

I am also pleased that two of our neighboring Presiding Bishops will be in attendance, Bishop J. Scott Gillum from Kentucky and Bishop Billy D. Adams from Georgia. Both of these brethren are great leaders in our movement and bring years of experience and anointing to their area.

Please remember the school will start on Wednesday morning (I am attaching the schedule to this email) and ends on Friday evening. It would be wise for those traveling from great distances to arrive on Tuesday evening so that you will be fresh for the start on Wednesday morning. We will have everything ready for your arrival and we are looking forward to seeing each and everyone of you. If you have friends and co-workers who would like to attend, we still have room…they can register at

We look forward to seeing you, May the Lord bless and keep you in His hand.

Dr. E.C. McKinley
Presiding Bishop of Tennessee
P.O. Box 2319
Hendersonville, TN 37077-2319
Office: (615) 824-3563
Fax: (615) 822-2280

“Glorifying God through Prayer, Harvest and Leadership Development.”

“Glorificando a Dios por medio de la Oración, el Desarrollo de Liderazgo y la Cosecha”

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