1507012_10152845289386546_4575940201633179865_nConvention Worship is being coordinated by Glynis Varlack Allgood, Music and Administrative Pastor of the Bellshire Ministries Church in Nashville, Tennessee. She has been actively involved in church music for over 25 years directing choirs, praise teams and rehearsals and leading in worship.  She offers a unique style of keyboarding that mixes contemporary, gospel and traditional styles and believes in leading worship by example and with excellence.

“I grew up in a very musical family.   My 4 brothers (including my twin) and 2 sisters are all involved in music to some degree.  We all sing together as a family when the opportunity presents itself even participating in well-attended family concerts over the years.  To think, it all began with a group of 5 little ones singing ‘It’s Bubbling’ in an airport on the trip to Tennessee from the Virgin Islands where the 5 oldest children were born.”

I’ve provided background vocals for several studio albums and was featured along with 2 of my siblings, Gerald and Charmaine, on a primary recording for the Broadcast Record Club which proved to be one of their most popular sellers.”

In her solo career, “G” as she is affectionately known by young people across the state of Tennessee, has been featured on the stage at state functions and international events and broadcasts.  She desires to magnify and praise the Lord to the best of her ability and to lead others to a true praise and worship experience.   In her spare time, she enjoys reading and working with graphics.  She lives in Nashville with her charming 14 year old daughter, Noelle.

“I give God ALL the glory!”