COGOP pastor providing Haiti aid dies

District Overseer, Quinteria Rosario, eulogized Juan Sanchez as a man who died as he lived; serving others.

Pastor Sanchez died on Saturday, apparently from a bacterial infection, shortly after returning from a humanitarian mission to help build a temporary home for the 68 orphans from the Church of God of Prophecy’s orphanage in the quake-ravaged Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince.

Sanchez, 63, a faithful church of God of Prophecy pastor in the Dominican Republic was a member of a team of 13 people who went into Haiti on a mission of mercy and love.

The entire Church of God of Prophecy family around the world mourns the passing of Brother Sanchez and wraps its arms of condolence and care around his wife (who also accompanied him on the mission to Haiti), children, congregation, and friends. This stalwart man of God will be remembered as a one whose compassion and faithfulness led him to an plot of land in a devastated country where he worked to provide shelter to destitute children in a neighboring country. Surely, God’s ways are mysterious. May His Name be praised.

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