Bishop Allen Davis

A few-days ago, I made a quick post about the declining health of Bishop Allen Davis, former State Overseer and father of our Chief Financial Officer, Sister Londa Richardson. I have seen him twice in the last three days, but because of my need to return to the state office, I am unable to visit today. I just ended a conversation with Londa a moment ago to get an update.

Londa spent the night with him at the hospital and was unable to get much rest because of the constant interaction with the medical staff and her father. She needs sleep.

During this time of uncertainty with Brother Davis, I am asking you pray for Londa and the rest of the family. They have been an outstanding example of caring for aging parents, first with Dwight’s parents, then Sister MIldred Davis and now Bishop Allen Davis.

Would you please take a few moments today and pray for strength for their bodies, and courage to their hearts and minds? Would you pray for the Presence of the Holy Spirit, whom the scriptures describes as our “Comforter.”

I know that Tennessee and beyond love Londa and her family, and appreciate their hard work and sacrifice for so many years. Right now they need us to lift them up in prayer support.

If you would like to send a card or note, please send it to our Cleveland Post Office Box;

Tennessee State Administrative Office
Attn: Londa J Richardson
P.O. Box 1476
Cleveland, TN 37364-1476

May God bless and keep you

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