An Update from Haiti From Tim McCaleb

Hello Everyone,

I just returned from Haiti, and I wanted to give you an update. Progress continues to be made on the orphanage. The wall is almost complete around the property, a new $50,000.00 generator has been purchased and donated by an outside group, and the generator is on site. Two of the bungalows have been renovated, and they are now adequate to house workers. Forty-six of the children have been moved back to the property. Also, the school at the orphanage is now functioning with about two hundred children in attendance each day (most of these children are from the community). Plans are being made for the rebuilding of dorms and the church. (See some of the pictures below)

Nine of us (Tim McCaleb, Ted Cooper, Rhonda Cooper, Curtis Sutton, Gigi Byrd, Joyce Miller, Lenda Gunter, Jim and Paulette Ramsey) carried Christmas to the orphans. It was a great party! We ate, gave gifts, and the children sang and performed skits for us. We were told that the children had never had anything like it before.

Four teams are going in January from Wyoming, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Eastern Canada to continue this work and to start new projects. Other teams are planned in the coming month.

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