A Special Message from Bishop Clayton Endecott General Presbyter of Europe, CIS, and Middle East


Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

Just a few weeks ago, the Church of God of Prophecy family suffered one of its greatest losses when Tatiana Voznyuk, wife of Bishop Vitaliy Voznyuk, Overseer of the Ukraine, suddenly went to be with the Lord. She had struggled with heart and circulation problems and was treated in Intensive Care a few times just days before her passing, but somehow none of us were prepared for such a sudden loss.

She was a central figure for Women’s Ministry along with her sister, Larissa (wife of Gena) of Belarus, for all of the CIS. Tanya, as most of you knew her, was the co-pastor of the Emmanuel Church in Kiev and a backbone in local, as well as, national administration. She was a faithful wife and a wonderful, loving mother and example to all. We shall continue to miss her greatly.

We are grateful for all who shared their love and sorrow at the time of the loss and the funeral. Bishop Howard and many other Overseers dropped everything and joined my wife Wanda and I for the funeral in just three days notice. Twelve bishops from different movements in the Urkaine addressed the funeral of about 1,300 people, where the music, God’s word, and the fellowship of loved ones were such comfort. People from around the world sent love and greetings, and we were all reminded that we are indeed a part of a great family in our global church. Thank you to all who called and many sent flowers, some sent offerings, and over the past days several have asked how they may be a comfort or help to the family. Thanks to all of you.

Vitaliy is now a single father of three teenagers, Olga, Timofiy, and Sofiia, who love their father dearly and continue with him to miss their mom. They have much support from their large Christian family and, of course, the loving large local church in Kiev. Bishop Vitaliy gives much time to his family now, but almost immediately addressed his life to the ministry and need of the church in Kiev and the many churches in the Ukraine over which he has oversight. He is a man of vision and much strength, and we ask you to continue to hold him and his three children before the Lord in prayer, as well as, Tanya’s parents

In times like these, after the first days are past, we ask ourselves how we may help. I would like to suggest that this would be a great time to give an offering to the family. The medical costs of the few weeks before Tanya’s passing, as well as her funeral must have been a burden on the family. They have made many financial adjustments over the past few years as they gave the value of their home in cash to the church for the land and for the building. They were really not ready for such a loss. I would like to encourage you if the Lord leads to give an offering to them at this time of love. We are encouraging them as a family to take some time this summer for a vacation, to catch their breath, to enjoy each other, and begin to readdress their family life. I would like to help them pay any last costs and to see that they have the security for some time off.

The family is not aware that I am sending this note of love out on their behalf, but I believe if we can show our love in a tangible way, it will be so meaningful to them.

If you wish to participate in this love offering, simply send your gift to:

Church of God of Prophecy International Offices
ATTN: Voznyuk Love Offering
PO Box 2910
Cleveland, TN 37320-2910

God bless each of you dear family members. Your love and prayers have held this precious family in a time of need. They seem to be doing well, and we want to continue to show our love and to pray for them.

Clayton Endecott
General Presbyter
Europe, CIS, and Middle East

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