A long day, but blessed and favored

Today was another one of those long days filled with multiple opportunities to minister and interact with the wonderful people in Tennessee.

Debra and I were up and out early this morning, and as of 11:10 p.m., I just returned home and Debra is on her way from the office. We met with ministers and I was blessed to visit with three of our pastors. Debra visited with Donna Barrett at Centennial Hospital while I traveled much of Middle Tennessee taking care of business for the State.

As I conclude my day, my mind has gone to all of those who read our blog, and who we interact with on Facebook, by email and by the phone. We are blessed of the Lord to work among such wonderful people, and feel favored of the Lord to have good health and plenty of energy.

I often wondered how Bishop Eugene Weakley and Sister Weakley kept up with everything going on, and the truth is that we are never really caught up. But we have been favored to have such rich relationships and have the opportunity to give our lives for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and for ministry in the Church of God of Prophecy.

We love the people of this State deeply and want you to know it.

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