A Great Generation

Today was a day of reflection of great ministry.

It began as we gathered to honor the home-going of a great saint of God, Sister MIldred Davis. Many of you know that she is the mother Londa Richardson of our Chief Financial Officer in Tennessee. She is also the wife of retired Bishop Allen Davis. Together Brother and Sister Davis served in pastoral ministry and as State Overseer of Missouri, Ohio, Virginia and Georgia, as well as serving a multitude of General level ministry and as evangelists. I was so blessed to be included in the services along with Bishops A.J. Coalter, Lanny Carter, Ray C. Wynn and Ron Bryant. Sister Londa Richardson shared a beautiful remembrance of her mother along with her Brother “Junior” Davis and the music of Tyler Davies Richardson, Jeremi LaFate and Amy Richardson, Debbie Shewbridge Freeman and Karen McDonald brought the service to perfection.

After the services, Debra and I traveled to Erlanger Medical Center to visit Sister Elva Howard who was hospitalized after been involved in a very serious accident this week. Our General Overseer, Bishop Randy Howard and his sister, Kathryn Creasy our International Director of Children’s Ministries (both Sister Elva’s children) was with Sister Howard in the room when we visited.

We share for a little while and then had special prayer for Sister Howard. She is in a lot of pain and discomfort and is in need of our prayers tonight. We hope you will join us in praying for God’s touch in her life.

We also need to prayer for Bishop Allen Davis for strength and that the Lord will minister to him and for Dwight Richardson (Londa’s husband) who has been there all along through Sister Mildred’s sickness and who continues to show great love toward Bishop Davis.

I feel so privileged to walk in the pathway of these spiritual giants like Brother and Sister Davis and Sister Howard and pray that I can be faithful to carry on the ministry they have be so faithful to.

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