Very Special Prayer Request

Hey Bishop I would like to ask a fovor of you. My little sister had her baby monday, the baby has anencephaly, she has no skull just skin covering her brain, she has no eye sockets, and she has a open place in the top of her head where you can see her brain. The dr.’s give her no chance to live, she was born on 7/18/11 monday at 5:30 and she has lived for 5 days now. They said she would not eat, she is nursing, they said she would open her eyes, she has opened her eyes, she sucks her thumb, she tries to raise her head up, she just amazing. What I would like you to is ask the COGOP of TN to be in prayer for her, her name is Finley. I would like them to not just to pray for her to live but that God make her whole…. With love, Jason…, thanks so much. God bless and have a great day.

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