Urgent Prayer Request

Dear Dr. E.C.,

It is, indeed, a dark day in the history of Egypt. This week, we have witnessed much communication revolving around Egypt. The unrest and riots have escalated and there have been several deaths already. Our National Overseer [name withheld] is unable to communicate with us at this time due to the shutdown of the Internet and phone services. However, we have been keeping tabs through a satellite news agency out of London, and the situation in Cairo is of grave concern.

Please stand with us in prayers for our precious brothers and sisters.

Key Points of Prayer

Divine, overshadowing protection of our people

Pray that this regime of tens of thousands of Egyptians flooding the streets today and participating in the largest anti-government demonstrations since protests began this past Tuesday will come to an end.

Today, these tens of thousands appeared to come into the streets bowing to Alla, but did not remain peaceful in their demonstration. Pray for the safety of all those
trying to bring order once again.

Pray for the police and those in authority to know how to respond. Tear gas, water, and rubber bullets are presently being utilized to disperse crowds in Cairo and other cities, namely Suez and Alexandria.

Today, protesters have set fire to government buildings, a police station, the ruling party’s headquarters, vehicles, and have converged on state TV offices.

There has already been a loss of several lives. Pray for these families who have been affected by these deaths.

Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak has ordered a night-time curfew in their cities, but this has reportedly been ignored according to the satellite news agency that we are logged onto. Please pray for the calming peace of the Almighty and that people would begin to respond accordingly.

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