Update on Drew Smithson

Posted by Sister Tracy on Facebook Last Night:

“Update on Drew: He has shown some improvement today. They are still keeping him sedated but once every hour or two they let him wake up enough to do the neurological exam. He hasn’t spoken but he has opened his eyes several times, he has moved both arms and legs when they tried to inflict pain on him. If they pinch a certain area he will try to go to that area with his hands which is good. Once …today he opened his eyes, I was with him, and he followed the nurses finger with his eyes which is fantastic! Still giving him heavy meds to keep swelling down. The pressure on his brain needs to be less than 20 and it has stayed around 6 to 9 today. Please continue to pray for the swelling to go down and stay down and reduce fever and well since we’re asking…….complete healing! Love to all,

Thanks Maxine

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