Update on Debra

Dear Friends,

We live in an amazing age. This morning, my wife Debra was involved in an automobile accident in Hendersonville, and was subsequently taken to the Hendersonville Medical Center by ambulance. I was at my home office preparing for a wedding ceremony to be conducted on the 13th in White Bluff, Tennessee, when Londa Richardson called to inform me that Debra was involved in an accident and was on her way to the hospital.

Our second car (a Chrysler PT Cruiser) had been in the shop for two days to have some major work done on it, so Debra was driving my Chrysler 300, when another driver (driving an SUV) ran a red light and “broad-sided” the car Debra was driving, on the driver’s side, just behind her door. Debra was wearing her seatbelt and was restrained. Thankfully, the Chrysler 300 is a very heavy car and although it sustained major damage, the Lord and the engineering of the car protected Debra. The hidden blessing in this is the fact that her car (the PT Cruiser) was in the shop, and had she been struck like this in her car, it could have been much worse.

To be honest with you, when Londa called to say that she was on her way to pick me up at home (and take me to the hospital) my first thoughts were overwhelming, and I immediately called on the Lord to touch her and to be with Debra, and I grieved that I wasn’t with her. I am so thankful that Londa was in the office to take the call, and that she came to drive me to the hospital. Londa stayed with us at the hospital until Debra was released. She was definitely an “angel” the Lord used today.

Also, two drivers behind my wife saw the accident, and gave statements to the police officers that they saw the other drive run the red light, and that they are willing to testify in the event such testimony is needed. These two drivers (both ladies) actually stayed with Debra until paramedics arrived, helping to calm her and administer aid and comfort. May God bless them.

Special thanks to the officers of the Hendersonville Police Department, the Emergency Medical Service responders and the hospital personnel for being there.

I was absolutely amazed at how fast the word began to spread. After a couple of initial calls, I stepped out into the hallway and posted a message on Facebook and this blog to ask for prayer. The response was absolutely overwhelming.

I received emails, phone calls and Facebook messages from people all of the United States, Europe and South America, assuring us of their prayers. Your prayers made a difference. While the internet can be the “wild, wild web,” it can also be a fabulous tool for connecting believers across the world in moments of difficulty and crisis.

This has reminded me of the loving protection of our heavenly Father, but it has also reminded us of the wonderful family of God, and a multitude of kind, caring people both in our church movement but also multiple other groups.

Tonight as we rest, I do so with confidence that we are not alone in this world, and for that I thank you from the depths of my heart.

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