Update from Bishop L.V. Jones, Alabama

Good morning

A brief note regarding the email sent by me on the Hackleburg

I understand both of you have areas in your state that received
damage and have great needs also.

Brother Clint Knowles asked me to send the email with a
“needs list” since both of you had spoken with him. Hackleburg
needs a lot of help and it is receiving a lot.

I was told approximately 20,000 arrived in town last Saturday to clean
up. This Saturday will be another major work day.

As soon as the insurance company gives the go ahead the
church is prepared to proceed with removing the damaged

According to Brother Knowles the church is giving their old
property to the school. The old church (youth center ) and
the parsonage were on this property. Everything will be rebuilt
across the street on the 47 acres where their new church was
located. The parsonage is first. They will build a larger facility
and add a family center. A terrible ordeal. However, the latter
will be better than te former. God is faithful.

This couple and the Hackleburg Saints are a major player in
the recovery of this area. God is favoring them for such a time
as this. A great harvest will be the result.

God is faithful !


L V Jones

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