Update for Donna Barrett

Donna is the spouse of Dr. Jimmy Barrett, our pastor at McMinnville (West Riverside)

“Greetings in Jesus name, hope you and your family are doing well.

GOOD NEWS! My wife Donna is NOT in critical care anymore, today she was moved to a regular hospital room. She is still in Centennial Hospital on the 5th floor but in a regular room. Her room number is 5130. She can only talk at a whisper for now, the doctors say that her voice will come back.

She is not on respirator, feeding tube has been taken out and she is eating regular meals. She is taking a little oxygen through her nose. Physical therapy is working with her and are saying she is doing good.

She has all her drainage and suction tubes out. Her heart is doing good, her vital signs are good. She is still weak but growing stronger.


GOD Bless You and Your family.
Jimmy Barrett”

— Post From My iPad

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