The Lord is good

As I write tonight, I’ve finished a full day of meetings at the International Offices with a whole day planned tomorrow.  I will have the privilege of ministering tomorrow morning to the IO staff at their weekly devotion.  As soon as that is over, our committee will be making a trip to Fields of the Wood.  When we return, there will be a trip to the visitation for Sister Inez Biggers, a faithful saint of God.

On Thursday I will attend funeral services for Sister Biggers and then head back to Middle Tennessee for the Ladies Spring Spectacular at Cool Springs.  By the time this week is over, I will answer dozens of emails, make phones calls and handle administrative duties.

Now, you may wonder, “why in the world did he share all that?”  Here’s why…because God has been good to me, He has kept me safe, given me friends all over the United States and in several nations of the world.  He has blessed me with a loving family who are all involved in ministry.

During all of this time, my heart kept beating and God’s fresh air continued to fill my lungs.  I can walk without assistance.  I can live…I can love…I can change…I can make a difference.

Now doesn’t that sound like God’s been good to me?  I believe He has been good to you too.  Take just a moment to think about it and with me, you will say…The Lord is good!

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