Special Prayer Requests

This morning I met with Sister Wonnie Weakley, Jeff and Regina Cassidy to begin preparation for the visitation and funeral services for Bishop Eugene Weakley. You will see the arrangements in an earlier post.

After that meeting, I went to St. Thomas hospital in Nashville and prayed with Sister Darlene Bagley, a retired minister’s wife and with Sister Billie Hill, wife of Burns pastor, Tony Hill.

I then traveled to Centennial Hospital to visit Pastor Bary Ray (Rickman). Just as I was going up the elevator to his room, I received a call from Pastor Ray that he had been released and was on his way home.

I then made the short trip over to Vanderbilt Hospital where I visited with Bill Stockham, International Prayer Coordinator and had prayer for him.

Then on to Lebanon for a meeting with the church.

I just returned home a few-minutes-ago and thought I would make a quick post to share these special prayer requests with you and learned that retired minister, Bishop Esque Green passed away today at Crab Orchard.

Thank you for helping me pray as we rally around our folks. God bless.

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