Special Prayer Request

Dear friends,

Today I am asking for your special prayers for one of precious pastor’s wife. Sister Caruthers from the Campaign church has suffered with physical sickness for quite-some-time. She has also undergone multiple surgeries, the most recent one about four weeks ago. I am including a portion of her email in hopes you will join me in prayer for her and Pastor Caruthers as well…

“My surgery was four weeks ago today, and I am doing very well (other than “over-doing it”), considering my history of seven hip surgeries, ruptured discs in back and neck, etc. However, last night I fell in the bathroom, and fell and hit the side of the sink all the way down, and hit the floor square on both knees. Needless to say, it’s REALLY swollen today. I would just ask for prayers from the pastors and members all across the State and beyond that check the Blog, and would appreciate your including my name again (if you’ve included it before).”

Thanks for your prayers…we know God is able!

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