Special Class Opportunity – Pentecostal Theological Seminary

Dr. Steven Land, our most recent special guest for our 2010 International Assembly, will be leading a special Seminar Course in theological studies exclusively for Church of God of Prophecy ministers, students and those interested.

“Holiness: Doctrine and Practice” can be taken for audit or Seminary credit (1credit hour).

Classes will meet Tuesday-Friday, November 2-5, from 1:30-5:30.

There is a place for you in the new PTS!

• At the heart of Pentecost is Holiness
• Your entry into cutting-edge seminary training
• “Be ye holy” is not a Christian option!
• “Peace” and “Holiness” reflect two sides of the same person


A. Description: Central to the mission of this Seminary, its sponsoring denomination and the history of the Pentecostal movement is the holiness or Wesleyan interpretation of and approach to Christian faith and ministry. The vision statement of the Seminary asserts that our model for ministerial development “was drawn from the Scriptures and the heritage of Wesleyan-Pentecostalism.”

This course will develop the substance and implications of a holiness hermeneutic in order to facilitate a deepening of the understanding, wisdom, experience and way of life associated with the doctrine of sanctification. Biblical, historical and pastoral perspectives will be brought into dialog with critical (Freudian, Marxist) and liberationist concerns in order to serve the ministerial needs of the contemporary missionary movement. The systemic, theological, personal- formational and Church polity-process implications will be addressed through a process of reading, reflection, case studies, class discussion, lectures, and spiritual exercises.

B. Outcomes: That each student:

1. Be able to research and inductively synthesize biblical and historical sources in order to arrive at working definitions of perfection, holiness and sanctification;

2. Be able to make “systemic” connections of this doctrine to other key loci (doctrines) of our faith;

3. Develop in his/her ability to do Wesleyan-Pentecostal theology-ethics in relation to actual pastoral cases and everyday concerns (special attention will be given to narrative-virtue ethics).

4. Undergo an encounter which deepens their knowledge of the Holy One.

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