Senior Saints at the Assembly

As I sit thinking over the past few weeks, it dawns on me that my time has gone by so quickly. It seems like we anxiously awaited the International Assembly in Louisville, then suddenly it was on us.

I was there a total of ten days, participating in International Presbyter meetings leading up to the assembly and then taking in every session once the assembly officially started.

While these assemblies are important for our overall planning and to conduct business, they also afford us the opportunity to see folks we haven’t seen in years, some we see everyday, and what heaven may look like…all nations, tribes and tongues gather in worship.

These pictures are of Sister Lilley of the Crown of Life Church in the Memphis area. She has been a member of our church longer than I have been alive. As I spoke with Sister Lilley and her son Gary, I sensed there is so much for me to learn about the work of the Lord.

Today, I thank God for the Senior Saints who have made this such a special movement of God…while some may complain, criticize and make fun of the earlier generations, we must never forget we are here because of their efforts to raise funds, to pray and to carry the message to the next city. I do so appreciate those who have gone before us.

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