Propelling toward Harvest


“For the first 21 days of the New Year of 2010 we are inviting all that the Spirit will call to join us in the greatest Season of Seeking that the COGOP ministry family has ever participated in. We are not alone, in that many ministries around the world will be seeking God at the same time. Let the heavens open for millions of sincere and hungry believers seeking God for great things as we start a new decade of ministry for His Glory!

The needs are great at every level. That is beyond doubt. But I stumbled across the data below and it gave me a new perspective on seeking Him at this moment in our journey as a movement. Look at this information about the COGOP journey.

It took 50 years to reach 100,000 members, (1903-1953) [2,000 per year]
25 years to reach the 200,000 member mark, (1978) [4,000 per year]
16 years to reach the 300,000 member mark, (1994) [6,250 per year]
4 years to reach the 400,000 member mark, (1998) [25,000 per year]
Only 2 years to reach the 500,000 member mark, (2000) [50,000 per year]
Only 2 more years to reach 600,000 members, (2002) [50,000 per year]
Four more years to reach one million members (2006), [100,000 per year]
Four more years to reach 1.5 million members (2010), [100,000+ per year]

As I saw the accelerating trend of God’s work in this ministry I gained a new motivation to seek Him. By the grace of God, by the help of the Holy Spirit, and by the sovereign hand of God in His harvest reaping, this humble movement has been called to join many others in reaping hundreds of thousands of souls in the greatest Kingdom building effort the world has ever seen. We are part of God’s snowballing effect for His Gospel spread and His Glory revealed on planet earth. It will not be by might or by power but by the Divine work of God in our ministries.

Yes there are needs, but from this point of reference I am motivated to enter God’s presence anew for this new decade so that we may run on with God in what may be His Great Last Days Work. Our eyes have not seen and our ears have not heard what glorious things God is going to do in this generation. The testimony above reveals we have been greatly helped by God to participate in something wonderful. But the future will be even more awesome as we fully give ourselves and ministries over to our Harvest Focused Savior. Join us this January as we seek God to begin this decade of Harvest.”

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